Middle School is 1:1 Google Chromebooks!

Saint Ambrose School's Middle School (grades 6-8th) is 1:1 Google Chromebooks for the 4th year as of 2019-2020.  Utilizing Google Classroom, grades 6-8th teachers enhance the curriculum with both classic and New-Age teaching strategies. With w SMART Boards in each classroom, Saint Ambrose School integrates technology into the daily school experience. With Google Suites for Education implemented into the curriculum, students are prepared for the technology-driven high schools, colleges, and work force.  

Grades K thru 5 are not left out of these digital enhancements.  In addition to SMART Boards in each classroom, the school has four iPad carts, for teachers to use in their classrooms! Not to be forgotten is our computer lab which has been worked on over the summer, which is also available to each grade.  

Middle School Families, here are some suggested and necessary items to properly utilize the chromebooks: 

 Headphones (not expensive ones) these are so students can listen to audio recordings and videos from the digital textbook.

 A USB computer mouse or wireless mouse (optional)

 Hard case for Dell Google Chromebooks. Click here for the cases. 

 Access to the Internet in order to access Google classrooms for assignments, calendars, and updates. Google documents, such as Sheets, Docs, and Slides, are available in Offline Mode. See Mrs. Michelsen for more information.
** *** * There are state funded programs that give Internet to families at highly discounted rates or public library computers are free to use