The Middle School Experience

Confirmation Confirmation Class of 2020

The Middle School experience changed drastically in 2016-2017 with the introduction of 1:1 Chromebook devices. Fast-forward to 2021, and the implementation of 1:1 devices has enhanced our curriculum and provided a seamless transition to remote learning when necessary. Whether a student is in-person learning or remote, the educational experience remains the same.

   *1:1 Dell and Lenovo Chromebooks.

-    *Group projects, student-centered in a 21st century environment.

 *Student-led masses.

-      *8th grade receives the sacrament of Confirmation.

*Google Suites for Education.

*Microsoft, cloud-based software coming Spring, 2021.

-     *IXL- students work on grade-level in language arts and math subjects.

*Terra Nova Testing in the Spring.

-     *STAR Reading and STAR Math Diagnostic Testing 3 times a year.

-   *High School Algebra offered for qualifying students.

 *Writing Skills highly emphasized.

-   *Music, Art, Physical Education, and Spanish (now a core subject).

-*Chromebooks monitored for bullying, self-harm, and misuse to promote digital citizenship.

 *Newly renovated science lab, 2019.