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Play it Forward
Posted on 08/27/2016
Play it ForwardI am very pleased and proud to be working with St Ambrose Catholic School, the elementary school that I attended, in the development of a music lesson program which we are hoping will eventually lead to the formation of a school band. As many of you know, music is very important in my life, and my love for music began at a very young age. It was at St Ambrose that I first learned to play the saxophone at age 7. The former music program ended many years ago, and I am hoping to restore it.We are seeking the donation of musical instruments of all kinds. Below is a list of instruments needed. These can be either new or gently used in good condition. For many of the children, the donation of an instrument is the difference in whether or not they will be able to participate. I can assure you these will be put to the very best use, and we welcome you to attend our future recitals to see for yourself what your generous donations can do for this school and these children. You will make such a difference in their lives.

- Guitars-Acoustic/Electric
- Microphones/Cables
- Drums, Sticks, Accessories
- Bass Guitars/Upright Basses 
- Keyboards/Pianos

Please visit the Facebook Page for more information!

On behalf of the school children and myself, I thank you. 
-Kelsie Baranoski